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Let’s make money together! 🙂

Let’s make money together while scratching each other’s back. 😊

We are looking to partner up with local Puget Sound businesses that have range and influence in the local Puget Sound area.

How would you like to have Free, indefinite advertising space on a brand new social media website made exclusively for the Puget Sound area community AND is scaled to grow VERY fast?

Do you support small businesses?

Do you support local businesses?

Do you support Veteran owned businesses? is your answer to all those questions and it is sitting right here, right now in front of you.

Just think about it…every time an existing or new User signs into, they will see YOUR business’s ad right there.

And if you’re in business then you know that repetition is the key to effective advertising.

Let me say that again……EVERY TIME!

You get FREE advertising space, and we get your local business prowess and influence to help promote the site!

THAT seems like a fair exchange, no?

So, if you’re interested, just contact us here at so we can mash out the details, and