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Terms of Use for

Updated: 4/4/2021

In this document for the Terms of Use for, “” will henceforth be the broader term to include any and all Owners, Operators, Administrators, third party Partners or Associates, and agreed upon Parties to and of, but not to include Users or Subscribers. reserves the Right to edit and update these Terms of Use (TOU)

You MUST read and agree to abide by all of these Terms of Use before you are permitted to register or use will not be held responsible either legally or in any other manner for any User misuse, or if Users choose to not abide by these Terms of Use (TOU).

1. You must be 18 years of age or older to register and use Please report any evidence that you, as a User, might have of any other User being less than age 18 (“Minor”). By checking the box for our Terms of Use for, you are acknowledging that you need to be 18 years of age or older to use and that you are, in fact, 18 years of age or older.

2. Any evidence of abuse or mistreatment of Minors (less than 18 years of age) that any User uses for, especially of a sexual nature, will get that User immediately banned from the site AND their/his/her Email Address and User Name will be reported to legal Authorities for their review.

3. is a NON-PARTISAN social media website. If you, as a User, abide by the Terms of Use, you will never be banned, blocked, or flagged directly by any Administrator of, regardless of your political views, beliefs, ideologies, or opinions. However, will always reserve the Right to delete, or block, or ban any User’s content for any reason that we see fit (this is just the caveat that needs to be here legally, but it will probably never happen unless someone is doing something illegal, or is attempting to damage in any regard). However, individual Group Administrators will always retain and reserve their right to assign Rules for their Group, as they see fit, given’s TOU as well as to manage those Rules as they see fit.

4. is a Free Speech internet social media platform, which means that within the boundaries of the Laws of the United States of America, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission & Federal Communications Commission, or any other regulating authority within the United States, and all Supreme Court rulings, you, as a User, are free and encouraged to use your Speech as you, the User, desire, EXCEPT for within the Rules and Guidance of any Group’s Administrators of those Groups have assigned. For example, you are absolutely free to discuss ice cream on, however if any Group’s Admin has established Rules that express that none of their Group’s Members are to discuss ice cream, then will not apply a penalty but that Group’s Admin might if they/she/he chooses to. does not endorse or subscribe to any User’s content, opinion, or ideology that is posted within the website by any User.

5. is democratically regulated in terms of the comments and posts. That is, it is regulated by Users and Users decide by the number of Community Reports on any single post or comment. has established that a total of 3 independent Reports from any individual User on any one comment or post will automatically unpublish (delete from Public view) that comment or post. reserves the right to adjust that threshold up or down to ensure and maintain the community standards that we want, while also emphasizing the protection of all of our Users.

6. will never be held responsible, legally or otherwise, for any User’s Speech on for any reason, however it is also important to note that this protection clause also includes that which does not fall within the legal boundaries of that stated User’s local legal or governing structure. In other words, if you reside within, and are bound by the Laws of a governing structure that restricts Free Speech on its citizens that is BEYOND that of the Laws of the United States of America Federal Government, will not be held liable for that Speech.

7. encourages commerce on the website. If you are a business or an individual who would like to use for your commercial interest, and you abide by its TOU then you are welcomed to engage in this commerce on the website. will always reserve the Right to restrict and manage any commerce that is happening on the website. You must agree to not engage in the commerce or exchange of any illegal (under U.S. Federal Government Law and Regulation) product, service, thing, or idea, including ANY drugs (in this case, either legal or illegal), human trafficking, etc. We hope that you make lots of money in honest commerce on and support you as you render yourself upon a life journey that will make all your dreams come true.

However, you will not have any legal Right to obtain profit or royalty from any content, including that which you, as a User, have posted yourself, on from Furthermore, you, as a User and Subscriber of, will allow and agree to permit to use the content that you post for our means or revenue/profit as we see fit, under the full Rights of and in accordance with the Law (For instance, receives revenue from advertising and/or subscription services, or from other products or services that we put on the website). You must also agree to not post Copyrighted material, as assigned, or decided by, and in accordance with the Law. will not owe any User money or property for any reason and you, as a User, must accept that you are using the website of your own free will and can choose terminate your subscription, with a full deletion of your information (if you choose) and/or your information being given back to you upon that termination. If, on the other hand, terminates any User’s subscription and account, we will grant the same action in this case for the User as well. You, as a User, will be held legally accountable to the content that you post on, and it could be used as evidence in a Court of Law.

9. You agree to receive communications from in the form of email or phone number provided (such as security confirmation texts), as a regularly monthly subscriber. You will have the right to opt-out of this communication if you have deleted or terminated your subscription of your own free will, or if your subscription is terminated by reserves the Right to edit and update these Terms of Use (TOU)

Updated: 4/4/2021