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Hello, is funded by advertising just like so many websites on the internet, and we would love to help your business or organization’s purpose grow by partnering with you for the available Ad Spots on the site.

Your ads (banner and link) will replace the existing pictures for the Top “Mountain” Ads only, but will be placed one spot above the Sidebar “Local Team Sports” pictures to help maintain the local culturalness (yes, that’s a word…now *wink wink*) of the theme of the website.

To secure your Ad Spot for the week DO NOT click on and pay on any buttons below UNTIL YOU CONTACT US FIRST at: [email protected]. For the most part, these Ad Spots will go on a first-come-first-serve basis, and the decisions for the spots will be made by 8pm Monday evening. So, to secure the spot for Wednesday evening’s ad update, your request, sent to the above email, will need to be sent in before that time (Monday 8pm), and, obviously, it’s in your interest to send it in as soon as possible to beat out competitors for the spot.

After we contact you to tell you that you’ve secured the spot, your payment will then need to be made by clicking on the coinciding payment buttons below (scroll down to see buttons) before 5pm Wednesday, or the spot will go to the next in line for the spot (and after their payment). In your email to us please include your name, business name, and which ad spot you would like to have (or which ad SPOTS, if there are many), and please BRIEFLY describe what your type of business or organization is and what type of products you sell, or what your organization’s purpose and mission is. Please understand that is a “family friendly” website so any adult (porn) themed material will not be approved. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours to let you know that we got your message.

When you are approved for the ad spot, your business will be required to provide your own ad banner and link. We do not create or produce any ad banners, we simply display them for our users to view. There are many other buisnesses online that produce ad banners for this purpose, but we do not require, suggest, or promote any specific one.


The Top “Mountain” Ad spots are $300/week each and (officially) run from 12am Thursday to about 6pm-11:59pm Wednesday of the following week (all ads are updated for the week during that time on Wednesday evening)

Top Ad spots are always seen with every click while using the website, including on mobile view, and even on the Registration page. So, if someone who doesn’t actually register for the site still clicks on the Registration link from the Landing Page, then they will see your ads here without being an actual registered user of the site. And, therefore, it would be in any business’s best interest, that advertises on, to share the Registration link out to the internet, which would help both our businesses grow, and help strengthen our business partnership.

The Right Sidebar “Local Sports Teams” Ad Spots (except the last two) are each $100/week (with the same update time as Top Ads). Right Sidebar ads do not show on mobile but will be regularly seen as users scroll down on computers. However, as you can see, they are presented here on this Ad Spot page, so, if you do purchase one of these spot then the only outside link that non-registered users can see your ads will be this one, and it might then be in your business’s interest to share this page on the internet as well.

The Right Sidebar last two Ad Spots are at the bottom on the scroll and will “stick” for longer user exposure, as users continue to scroll through their main activity stream. These last two Ad Spots are $150/week each, and are, again, updated during the same Wednesday evening timeframe as the others. is small, but we clearly will grow, and this growth could happen extremely fast as a social media site, so we will always reserve the right to change pricing for these ad spots, as needed, to maintain a competitive nature with the spots.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, or if something here wasn’t clear, then please feel free to contact us with your Ad related questions also at the email above.

– Your Team 🙂

Level Price  
Top "Mountain" Ad Spots $300.00 now.
Membership expires after 7 Days.
Right Sidebar "Local Sports Teams" Ad Spots (except the Last Two) $100.00 now.
Membership expires after 7 Days.
Right Sidebar "Local Sports Teams" Last Two Ad Spots $150.00 now.
Membership expires after 7 Days.

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