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Here is a link to a short 10 minute “How To” video that shows the functions and how to work the site on the inside once you get there. You might want to refer to this is a basic instruction video as well.

Go HERE for the video

Check out this article on why smaller market, non-corporate, paid subscription Social Media sites are the future:

Why you should be paying for the use of the service of a non-corporate Social Media

Instructions: Simply complete the form below and hit the Register button, which will take you to the payment page.

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Monthly Membership: $9.99 for first monthly payment, then $6.99/mo after (That’s only $0.33/day for the first month then $0.23/day after)

3 Month Membership: $19.99 for first 3 month payment, then $15.99 for every 3 months after (That’s only $0.22/day for the first 3 months, then $0.17/day after)

6 Month Membership: $29.99 for first 6 months payment, then $21.99 for every 6 months after (That’s only $0.16/day for the first 6 months, $0.12/day after)

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